About BE!

Be! was established in 2004 by two mothers who have decided that instead of complaining about a small selection of maternity and children's clothes, they can create it themselves.

Collections be mama! characterized by modern style and simplicity, emphasizing the femininity of the future mum.

Designer's aim is to create clothes which allows women not to change their style of dress, feel feminine and attractive at any time of pregnancy.

90% of the clothing collection is made of fabrics containing cotton and elastic fibers, which makes products nice, airy and fit to the changing figure.

All products have special systems that allow them to carry the last month of pregnancy, and long after birth.

Collections be mama! are sold in many European countries. Customers from Germany, Slovenia, Czech Republic, Lithuania, Estonia and France have recognized that the clothes be mama have not only great quality at an affordable price, but also a timeless design.